Algeria: A Historic and Ambivalent Movement

Mon dernier article, intitulé « Algeria: A Historic and Ambivalent Movement », et traduit en anglais par Janet Koening, vient d’être publié par The Brooklyn Rail (May 2019).

En voici les premières lignes :

« The popular uprising in Algiers on Friday, February 22 surprised most observers, starting with those who had rhapsodized over the regime’s stability since the emergence of the “Arab Spring,” or who had emphasized the passivity of a people traumatized by colonial violence, by authoritarian rule, by the civil war in the 1990s. But Algerian society was not cut off from international capitalism or from its regional environment. Momentous in size and intensity, this protest has also taken aback people, myself included, who hoped the “Algerian Spring” would happen sooner or later, without being able to predict what forms it would take. « 

La suite du texte est librement consultable via le lien suivant :

La revue est disponible en version papier principalement à New York et dans d’autres lieux aux Etats-Unis.

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