Vivek Chibber : « Capitalism, class and universalism: Escaping the cul-de-sac of postcolonial theory »

Article de Vivek Chibber paru dans Socialist Register, Vol. 50, 2014, p. 63-79.



After a long, seemingly interminable hiatus, we appear to be witnessing the re-emergence of a global resistance to capitalism, at least in its neoliberal guise. It has been more than four decades since anti-capitalist movements exploded with such force on a global scale. To be sure, there were tremors every now and then, brief episodes that temporarily derailed the neoliberal project as it swept the globe. But not like that which we have witnessed in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas over the past two years. How far they will develop, how deep will be their impact, it is still impossible to predict. But they have already changed the complexion of left discourse. Suddenly, the issue of capital and class is back on the agenda, not as an abstract or theoretical discussion, but as an urgent political question.


André Mistral : Sur le petit commerce marxo-universitaire comme brève réflexion non théorique sur la production marxiste contemporaine

Article d’André Mistral paru dans Spartacus, n° 89, février-mars 1978, p. 18-19.


Les lignes qui suivent se présentent comme une autocritique dans la mesure où, d’une certaine façon, nous sommes ou avons été impliqué dans ce que nous critiquons. Autocritique et avertissement plutôt que mise en jugement, car notre propos n’est pas de préserver la pureté théorique du marxisme.