Paul Sénac : Victor Serge n’est plus

Article de Paul Sénac paru dans Force ouvrière, n° 103, 18 décembre 1947, p. 12

The delegates to the IInd Congress of the IIIrd International, at Pavlovsk. In the middle of the group, Comrade Lilina. On her left, Mutzenberg’. Zlata (or Zinaida) Ionova Lilina (1881-1929) was Grigori Zinoviev’s wife. Involved in children care and education, she was People’s Commissar for Social Planning to the Northern Commun (organ of the Petrograd Soviet). Victor Serge (1890-1947) described her as ‘a small crop-haired, grey-eyed woman (.) sprightly and tough’. She stands in the middle of the group, with German delegate Willi Münzenberg (1889-1940) on her left. The man with a hat and a pipe may be Karl Radek (1885-1939). The man on the left, behind the woman in a white dress, may be Manabendra Nath Roy (1887-1954), delegate to Mexico, commissioned by Lenin to write the theses on national and colonial questions during the IInd Congress. (Photo by: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

LES restrictions de papier, supprimant nos chroniques, nous font vous parler de la disparition de Victor Serge avec un certain retard.