Algeria: The Revolution to Come?

Ma recension de l’essai de Hocine Belalloufi, La Démocratie en Algérie, Réforme ou révolution ? (2012), mise en ligne le 18 avril 2013 sur Jadaliyya.

En voici le premier paragraphe :

On the shelves of bookstores in Algiers, a book appeared a few months ago whose cover immediately stood out.  Under the image of a large classic-looking compass, in large and bold letters, is the question that Hocine Belalloufi tries to answer in roughly five hundred pages: Democracy in Algeria, Reform or Revolution? Since 2008, this former editor-in-chief of Alger Républicain and regular contributor to La Nation has issued a « plea for a new Arab revolution. » He undoubtedly draws on the political openings using the Tunisian revolution as a model. His new work asks us to « think about the Algerian crisis » fifty years after the liberation from colonialism and the imposition of an authoritarian regime.